I am thrilled to announce that I’m making a new album!

I also need your help to do it and, more importantly, I have a crazy idea. I’d like to get you singers to join me on the record. 

But first, a little back story.

Once upon a time, I was the frontman in a band called The City Harmonic. We were inspired by how we’d seen God transform our hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada through churches working together. God sent us around the world for seven years working to bring churches and believers together in worship and writing songs like “Manifesto”, “Holy (Wedding Day)”, “Mountaintop” and more.

When the band came to an end, I decided to focus on continuing to do what I felt God was calling me to do.

The thing is, I’m not a part of a huge megachurch. I’m a geeky, “Angli-costal” worship leader who is just trying to put one foot in front of the other as I walk after Jesus with all I’ve got. 

I don’t have a built-in network. But I have seen God do incredible things when believers come together in unity to do something beautiful. 

In 2018, a successful IndieGoGo effort enabled me to release my first record as a solo artist, and I was blown away at the support I received. Songs like “Enough”, “This is Holy Ground”, and “Echoing Holy” reached people all over the world with millions and millions of streams and chart appearances in over 29 countries. 

More importantly, many have reached out to me with stories of how God has used these songs in their church or their own life to help them grow in Christ at a time where knowing how to do that can be… a little complicated. 

As I’m sure you know, an awful lot has happened since 2019. We’re still in a global pandemic. My church has been meeting remotely for months and we’ve had to wrestle with what worship looks like when it, well, looks nothing like it used to. 

Just last year, I got to make a music video with the help of people like you from all over the world.

But as I’ve started to get this new batch of songs ready for The Work Vol 2, a few things have become quite clear to me – 

  1. God’s given me lots to chew on through all of this and I feel an incredible urgency to turn these wrestling prayers into songs for the Church. We’ve had a lot of troubling stuff has come to the surface in the Church and it feels like God’s been stirring some things in me that I’ve got share. I believe that the Christian faith can be a thing of passion and reason alike — and it’s time to learn to love God and engage the world with heart, soul and mind.   
  2. Musically and stylistically, these songs really feel as though they fit together more than Vol. 1. like there’s an artistic and emotive statement in it. The last time I felt this strongly about a collection of songs was our The City Harmonic album “I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)”. So I’m really pumped to put this thing together and share it with you all.
  3. The thing is, while it’s possible to record an entire album at home by myself, it rarely leads to the best product. I’m dying to collaborate more on this record, and after a season where many have struggled to make ends meet, I’d love to honor some of these incredible musicians I love financially through this project by getting more people involved.
  4.  I’d love to involve YOU! Yes, I’ll need your help to make this album a reality, and I’ve got options as low as $1 – every little bit helps. But I’d love to go one step further, with a crazy idea inspired by the social distancing music video we made for my song “Good”. Everyone who supports this project will have the opportunity to “join the choir” – We’ll form a choir of believers singing these songs together from all across the globe, then blend those parts together on the album as a choir from around the world. 

This campaign is only going to run for 30 days, so I want to encourage you to head over to indieGoGo today to help me make The Work Vol. 2 and share it with the world. I’ve got a ton of great packages for you there starting at just $1, including autographed vinyl, handwritten lyrics, and more.

Thanks for your support – let’s do something beautiful together!   

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