About a year ago, I went in to visit my friends at WorshipTogether with Olivia Turco and her husband Kyle to record some live acoustic versions of songs, including “Enough” and “This is Holy Ground”. We all decided to have Olivia sing “This is Holy Ground” (you’ll see why) and the comment thread when that video dropped on their channel was fascinating. Here are a few samples:

  • Man, I like this version more than the original. Is there a place we can stream or download these covers?
  • This is so beautiful 🙏🏼 What is the name of the singer??
  • Her voice is amazing! Who is she? Praise the Lord for this Holy ground.
  • I’m just gonna say it. This is probably the most beautiful Christian song I have ever heard. And I listen to A LOT of Christian and Gospel music. This is something very special, something very, very special. At least to me. I am amazed it only has 20k views.
  • The Woman singing is neither Sarah Reeves or Elias Dummer. If anyone know who she is please tell us! We want more of her voice!

It was immediately evident that we needed to record a studio version of the song. So we did, and it ends my new EP “The Rest Vol. 1” wonderfully!

I’ve got great news. I’m pleased to share with you that the music video of Olivia’s stunning version of this song is now available on my Youtube channel and premiered this morning, and you can find it here!

I hope you find it as moving as we do! And, of course, be sure to click subscribe and let me know what you think in the comments!