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If you want to see unity grow in your church — or between churches — consider starting with a dinner party.

Though an outdoor barbecue might be a better idea given current circumstances.
You know that thing you do when you're a kid? Where you daydream about what life might be like at 25, 40, or even 65? I always had all kinds of ideas about what life *must* be like when it comes to milestones, but I never did that with 38. 

Does anybody? I harbor no romantic notions for comparison. I don't have a brilliant list of 38 things. Maybe it's just one of those years that fades into the blur of adult life. I'm still young enough that I genuinely believe God has much in store for me to do, and old enough to know He's already given me a lifetime to be grateful for. So I'm both things and in between. 

At 38, I'm filled with a strange and bittersweet concoction comprised of longing and gratitude. I'm somehow both anxious and stubbornly optimistic. I believe God has given me much, and I feel a deep sense of responsibility. I expect a lot from myself and the world around me. I'm trying to learn how to be kinder to both. I can't say I'm nailing it, but I'm trying. 

In my own head, I always think I'm a year (or two) older than I am. Like many, I tend to lean into the future. Most days, it feels like I'm fumbling in the dark, chasing a spark and a whisper, clinging to the notion that "not all who wander are lost." 

But I'm reminded that God doesn't tell us to fumble like the lost without hope or anchors. He tells us to remember, over and over, and to be present and listening for His still small voice - his whisper. Right now, that whisper is reminding me to be grateful, to be present, and to get out of my own head. 

So that's what I'm doing today: I'm remembering. God has been so good to me. Even as difficult things have come along, God has seen us through. I'm ridiculously grateful for @megdummer and our not-so-little family. I'm thankful for our community here in Nashville, and back home. I'm grateful for the many of you who make it possible for me to keep chasing the spark of light on the horizon in all the strange ways I do. I'm grateful for big ideas and art and music and the wonderfully weird world God has given us to live in. 

Pray that I can continue to hold these things in mind every day this year. I'll need help, I'm sure. 

Hi, 38. Let’s go!
You’re not an only child.

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