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"To sing is to pray twice." ⁠
This doesn't mean that our prayers are doubly powerful to God. It means we are doubly receptive to their effect. ⁠
It is a beautiful and important means, but not an end.
We’ve all known that person who worships with a passion that doesn’t seem to leave the building with them, right? Maybe we’ve even been that person for a time. 

But Spirit-fuelled fervor produces fruit. We change. Maybe slowly, but it’s there. 

This is what it means to perform in worship — to be more Christ-like than when we started.
Had a great time talking about worship, discipleship, and science with students from @swu_edu today. 

I love music, but dang, I sure love geeking out. #makedisciplemakers
Christians: if you find you hate the player, repent. You're playing the wrong game.
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