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So, I’m missing this a ton, it’s true. But I’m also really excited about the conversations this season of distance is forcing upon churches. How do we make disciples? What do services and events like these do well? What do they do poorly that we’ve maybe assumed they did well?  How can we better foster cultures that cause people to be sold out for Jesus? In the end, my prayer is that if we come back to this, like this, that we know EXACTLY why. 

I still believe that a moment like this one, filled with people who are sold out for the Kingdom of God and emboldened and empowered by the Spirit, has the potential to be the catalyst for an unstoppable force for the good in the world. 

And, man, do we ever need that right now. 

But it isn’t the whole picture. It doesn’t do everything. Without tight-knit relationships encouraging each other in deep and genuine faith, this can become a distraction from the hard stuff, a way to feel good without having to be good. 

Let’s dig in church. Let’s look at people for what they are (complex and multifaceted) and have the hard conversations needed now to make 2021 the beginning of something incredible.
Just found this photo from years ago. Once upon a Just found this photo from years ago. Once upon a time, the people responsible for backstage signs all across the world struggled to not pluralize @thecityharmonic on a daily basis. So we took it upon ourselves to level the playing field. 

@martinsmithtv and @danbremnes since I’m sure this was keeping you up at night, I’m sorry. 🇨🇦 ✌🏻It was us. 🤷🏼‍♂️
I wrote these words (and others) with my pal @benj I wrote these words (and others) with my pal @benjicowart back in December, long before we realized what Coronavirus would do the Church gatherings and all that. yet I find myself completely fired up by them with all that’s gone on this year. Can’t wait to lay this one down.
Every #worshipleader knows it all happens at the b Every #worshipleader knows it all happens at the bridge. #ATimeToDance #newmusic
#ifyouknowyouknow #startrek #worshipleader #worshipleaders #worshipmusic #picard
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